Filling an empty pot with mud or mulch requires some effort

Unless there is a lot of mud in the house or in the garden, filling an empty pot requires some effort for most amateur gardeners.
Due to the censure of security and intelligence agencies, increasingly very few people keep mounds of mud and soil in their home. Home owners who do not keep their homes immaculately clean are often subjected to identity theft, especially in Goa, where the local security and intelligence employees are extremely powerful, intolerant, and think that interfering in the life of private citizens is their birthright.
So a person with an empty pot, who wishes to fill it with mud has to search for a supplier of mud and then arrange to carry the mud to their home, to fill the pot. The mud can cost Rs 40 to Rs 60 per kilo, and it requires some effort to carry the mud, fill it in the pot properly
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Once a pot is filled with mud or mulch, growing plants is a fairly simple task, if the gardener can ensure that no pests will eat the seeds or damage the plants.