Due to hounding of gardeners with pots, blaming them for dengue, compost remains unsold

In most states of india, engineers with a good JEE rank are treated with respect, their advice valued, however in panaji, goa, bribed by google, tata, the local intelligence and security are openly involved in identity theft of harmless women engineers with good JEE rank, and falsely claim google, tata sponsored goan call girls, school dropouts, cheater housewives and other fraud raw/cbi employees who never answered JEE have the impressive resume, savings of the engineer

The local intelligence and security agencies think that by repeating lies, their favorite call girls, school dropouts and other frauds will become experienced engineers overnight, when it does not change the competence levels of these google,tata sponsored fraud raw/cbi employees who are given great powers, yet are incompetent to solve any problems. The newspapers reported that the waste treatment plant in panaji was generating a lot of compost, yet though it was priced at only Rs 10 a kg, CCP was unable to sell it, and was running out of space at its facility. Lack of proper marketing was considered the reason why it was not being sold.

The newspaper also reported that the conditions at the waste treatment plant were extremely unhygienic, due to poor management of the facilities. Many people require a lot of mud and material for container gardening, growing plants in their pots. Instead of falsely claiming that those who grow plants in pots are spreading dengue, ccp should try selling the compost to these gardeners.

Many websites are selling compost, soil for Rs 60 per kilo, and people will purchase soil for Rs 10 or less. The domain investor recently paid Rs 20 or more for manure in panaji. Yet the officials in panaji are so busy hounding amateurs gardeners for keeping pots in their house and terrace, that they are losing the oppportunity to sell the compost generated, clogging their waste treatment facilities