Finding mulch for pots remains a problem

In goa, frauds and liars are flourishing, identity thieves, banking fraudsters like gujju school dropout housewife naina have plenty of money getting a cbi salary for faking an engineering degree with the help of fraud companies like google, tata, while the fraud goan government refuses to recognize experienced engineers from top colleges

So engineers are broke in goa, while school dropouts, call girls flourish People are always asking why newspapers, leaf is kept in the house, however it it a fact that the volume of the newspaper, leaf mulch is declining to a very great extent after a few months. Though this a very good type of mulch for a pot, and has good water retention, it is breaking down very quickly

Initially all the pots are fully filled with the leaf mulch
It is observed that the volume of the the mulch is reducing to half or less in 3-6 months, So a huge amount of leaf and newspaper mulch is required.

The amount of leaf mulch is limited by the trees and plants which are growing in the land, so newspaper mulch is required in large quantities for filling the pots
The newspaper are also required for keeping below the pots.