Plate below pot to prevent wastage

Other method of ensuring that the water is available is by keeping a plate or container below the pot so that the water is available as the water inside the pot will slowly dry up .

Many of the more expensive pots in the market which are costing Rs 40 or more for small sized pots usually have the plastic plate below, The plants which are kept in pots in offices, banks and shops are also having the plate below , so that the surroundings do not become dirty when the plant is watered

A problem faced for this method is that birds and other animals may drink the water and there will be less water available for the plant, especially in summer. These birds will also damage the plan. The lower plate has to be removed during the monsoon

Comparing grow bags, pots for growing plants

Most of the cheaper plants are supplied in grow bags . The cost of the grow bag is very low, and so the plant is sold for Rs 30 to Rs 40.
It is observed that most of these plants will die within a few months
However the grow bag can be used for growing other plants as the mud can be reused.
Compared to pots which are made from thicker plastic, the growbags will start leaking the mud faster
So it is advisable to put the growbag in a pot, especially if the plant is expensive.